Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I find it kind of weird that I've lost a lot of people who were really close to me at some point, and that I was able to replace them really easily. I guess it's weird because most of the people who've decided to exclude themselves from my life have had a hard time finding someone to replace me in their lives. I'm not sure why it's so easy for me to replace others... Maybe I just don't care about them as much as they do about me? I feel like the one thing you should understand the best is yourself, by I confuse myself all the time. It's quite frustrating...


  1. I asked myself the same questions some time ago. My conclusion is that friendships, just like relationships, individuals and species are made to be born and die. It's simply natural. Then again, some friendships live longer in the same way as some individuals do compared to others. In my personal experience, I never had long lasting friendships but I know of adult people who've been friends since they were young kids. It changes a lot from person to person, if you happen not to have long-lasting friendships there's nothing wrong in you, seriously.

  2. I don't relay trust anyone any more well my girl friend but that comes and goes a bit. what I mean is all my life I have felt that my friends are not my friends and there there just to use me it kinda sucks some times :( this could be you I don't have many now oh well I'm happy the way I am