Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I guess it can partially attributed to my ADD, but my interests tend to switch quite often, and I generally don't remain focused on one thing for very long. When it comes to video games, my interests tend to cycle, and it usually goes something like
Starcraft -> Minecraft -> Something different each time -> Starcraft
A week or two ago I lost interest in Minecraft, and I started playing one of my favorite games from my childhood Megaman X. I hadn't played Megaman X in 7+ years, and it was really interesting to see what I remembered from it. I mostly remember the really cool stuff, like being able to use Boomer Kuwangers weapon to cut off Launch Octopus's tentacles, and Flame Mammoth's trunk. It was really cool though, because I couldn't remember what the final boss was like, so I kind of got to experience the whole game over again, which felt awesome. Generally I have pretty good memory, and when I play/listen/read something I usually retain and remember it, and I never get to have the pleasure of experiencing it for the first time again.
This track always makes me nostalgia hard.


  1. My interests change all the time to.

  2. Starcraft's one of my favourites too. Best RTS ever made, hands down.

  3. never played Megaman X but love Starcraft

  4. i think i used to play megaman, hard to remember with all the games stuck in my head