Friday, April 6, 2012

I need a new hard drive

I have a hard drive that I use for all of my backups, and it contains most of everything that's on my desktop and laptop. Well, it did until it failed on me for the second time, and now my computer is telling me that the drive needs to be formatted. Formatting it fixed the problem before, but because I formatted it I lost everything on it. So basically, I'm looking to purchase a new hard drive, and I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for which one I should throw my money down on.


  1. Western Digital I guess. They are really good and they have low failure ratio.

  2. I have a couple WDs and haven't had a problem yet...Though one of those new SSD drives would be kick ass!

  3. you could try a nas (network attached storage), you can just buy one or build one yourself with FreeNas. And put it in Raid 5... should help with backup security