Monday, April 2, 2012

English Class

I had to write a poem for English class, and this is what I ended up producing

I tend to my garden
full of hurt people
and broken souls
I give each one the care it needs
Some need more sunlight
Some need more water
But they all need love to grow
Each one is harvested at some point
Whether they're done growing or not
Some leave and go to other places
But no matter what
They'll always have a spot in my garden

Tell me what you think! Leave me some criticism!


  1. English class haha soo ridiculous!

  2. Think its quite good, follow you to see whats up next!

  3. its not bad you have a bit of a mix up between people and plants lolol

  4. the last three lines need some revision i think. it seems like it gets cut off for some reason. but other than that its good :)

  5. Hey man, you have a nice blog.

  6. Nice poem!

    Some 'needs' maybe for correction?

  7. The idea is great. The first half was the most touching. It's really good for a class assignment.